The Good Dr’s notes on a rising issue:

There is a long running issue among us as humans that threatens our everyday living. It tears down the very fabric of our being day by day, taking with it a piece of our comfort with it. I speak of course of the issue of the darker skinned creatures that roam around freely, acting as worthy and righteous humans, but proving nothing more than a step above neatherdal in nature. They move about, terrifying the young, harassing the rich, and breaking our society, from what seems, to be the inside out.

Luckily though,I have identified the problem at long last! It’s a plague of sorts, that spreads through airwaves and is harbored by stereotypes. The exact virus, Nubanix, within it is very potent, extremely vile, and unquestionably deadly. This disease, this ailment of the human condition, has evolved, luckily enough. It appears to no longer be picky with its targets and has evolved towards, what even we as humans cannot achieve on a moral level; colorblindness.

You’ve read correctly. The plague is no longer partial to only the lighter hues of skin. It has evolved to anchor itself firmly among the very soul of the race that spawned it and actually effect it in a negative way. This, luckily enough for us, is actually a turn of good fortune.

Symptoms of this virus include, but are not limited to:

-unjustified hatred


-aggression towards the darker tone

-self loathing (among the darker infected) -lack of confidence (once again, among the darker skinned infected)

-dissociation with self being (i.e. “those aren’t my people”)

Now these are just a few of the symptoms of the virus, Nubanix. Once again though, being the brilliant mind that I am, I have of course gathered a solution that will soon cure this ‘Nubanix’ once and for all!

I suggest, of course, a massive quarantine of the darker skinned people. We will move them into stationary living accommodations in the most undesirable parts of our lands, thus crushing their ability to ever be free of it. We will then implant, distribute, and finally de-legalize a couple of potent medicines that will actually make them complacent within their confinement. From there we will continue to escalate their comfort levels with a broadcast station we will make them call their own. On this broadcast, we will teach them to pursue the material lifestyle that only us civilized are able to afford. We will show them how to treat their women in hopes of lowering their chances at successful coexistence, causing distrust and civil unrest. With this in place, I can safely assure there can be no formed ability to uprise from their condition.

When all of these actions are implemented, the Nubanix virus will cease to plague us more civilized peoples, as those infected will merely whittle away over time. In the meantime, until an idea as glorious as this can be put into motion fully, us, as an un-infected people can truly look to move forward in our endeavors by remembering to goad the infected into their proper places by demoralizing them so deeply, that they will embrace the quarantine with open arms and closed eyes of faith.


The Good Dr






Using ‘self defense’ as you attack with a gun: the death of Trayvon was avoidable if Zimmerman asked “do you live around here?’ That’s how humans communicate.

I agree with your point, but even IF Zimmerman had asked if Martin “lived around there”, what teenager is going to speak to a man who followed him through the neighborhood without identifying himself as a law enforcement officer? Most teenagers would be justifiably paranoid and distrustful (if not terrified) of being approached by some random person who legally had no recourse to question him about his comings, goings, or residency. Whenever random black clad men ask me where I live (as an adult) I find reasons to avoid response…Zimmerman overstepped his authority in almost every possible way here…all because some “kid looked suspicious”. His cowboy fantasies cost a kid his life, and that kid, like most others was not wrong to be equally suspicious of Zimmerman. 

So what ACTUALLY happened was Zimmerman was on watch guard duty and this kid (Trayvon) was walking down the street with his hood over his head in the middle of the night. Zimmerman was scared so he called the cops asking what to do. What people leave out is that the cops asked what color the kid was, which is why Zimmerman says “he’s black”, he also asked if he should use the gun if Trayvon attacks. The cops told him to stay by his truck until they got there. Trayvon saw Zimmerman following him and attacked him. That is why there are marks on his head. Zimmerman shot Trayvon in self defense. Another thing the press fails to include is that this kid was a punk. He had gold teeth, dropped out of school, and was part of a gang. Zimmerman in my opinion was just confused and scared and shouldn’t be punished for his actions.


The man got out of his car with a gun after stalking an unarmed child who was on foot. At that point, whatever Trayvon did was self-defense. You have zero proof that he was a “gang member”, but even if he had criminal affiliations… even if he had been a convicted felon, he was not the aggressor. Zimmerman’s “confusion” doesn’t change the fact that he intimidated and harassed a boy who was abiding by the law at the moment (and who he had zero authority to do anything aggressive to even if he’d been breaking the law), that boy defended himself, and he shot him dead for it.

Trayvon Martin stood his ground when he was in fear for his life. Doesn’t the law say he can do that?

I just want to know how you can be suspended from a school after you dropped out. See, I’m guessing part of the reason this person is calling Trayvon a “punk” has to do with him being suspended from school that week.

You mad bro?

So...Yeah...: Gay Is NOT the New Black


As a man who is both black and gay, I can tell you, with all certainty, that gay is NOT the new black. If it was, racism would be a suitable word to describe the discrimination I face as a gay man and homophobia would be a suitable word to describe the discrimination I face…


Iron Legacy
Acrylic on paper, mounted to wood panel, resined and framed in custom floating frame.
Original painting: 16″ x 20″ Frame: 25.5″ x 29.5″ (2012)

Full blog post:

It shouldn’t be a hard concept to be a good human being. It just shouldn’t be. My faith for the coming days wane as every new moon hides another abhorrent deed conducted by one of the same race as I.

The human race that is. There is no room, time, or justification for a division among us as people. The only divide that needs to be present is the condemnation of wrong opposed to right…

Such a simple task, such a childish issue, but through all that, I ask, where do I begin?

This is why hip hop and rap is dead.

This isn’t even a surprise to me. If you’re interested in why rap is the crap it is today, you owe yourself a quick lil peruse of this site. 

Hopefully those who are intelligent will enjoy this. Those who are completely content with allowing their minds to be sloshed up and served to the higher ups in a cup, please, continue to pass this up